What we do

BugBytes are an online education and consulting organization, committed to delivering high-quality technical tutorials to people throughout the world.

Started in May 2021, we teach a range of topics through a growing YouTube channel, and are dedicated to bringing interesting and diverse topics to our viewers. We specialize in web development, data-science and cloud/automation tutorials, with particular emphasis on the Python and JavaScript/TypeScript programming languages.

As well as education and video-creation, we provide consulting services to clients in different areas, including web-development, database administration, data analytics, automation and scripting. We work with clients to provide solutions to a range of tasks, and enjoy building web and mobile applications, modernising legacy applications, and helping customers with their data storage and analytics infrastructure.

If you are interested in our services, or have any queries relating to your business, projects or education, please feel free to contact us here.


About me

I'm Lyle, and I have been building web applications since 2014, working with tools such as Django, Laravel, Flask, FastAPI, React, Next.js, HTMX and more. I am highly experienced with Python, PHP and JavaScript/TypeScript, and enjoy working with data-oriented applications.

I am an expert at working with relational databases and SQL, and have a wealth of additional experience with NoSQL tools such as MongoDB, Redis, DynamoDB, Neo4J and Cassandra. I have experience with data migration/ETL/warehousing projects, and have previously helped clients optimize their approach to data storage and analysis.

In 2019-2022, I attained a Masters with Distinction in Data Science, where I learned about topics such as classical artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, big data storage systems, NLP and information retrieval.

I'm committed to continue learning about technology, to teaching best practices and new approaches, and to building excellent applications for clients.

What we can help with


We perform a range of programming tasks in various languages, including automation, web-scraping, image processing, web development and data analysis. Programming skills are our core asset, and we build on these skills to deliver solutions.

Web Development

We build scalable, efficient websites and web applications for our clients, emphasizing fluid and mobile-friendly user-interfaces, well-structured and efficient backends, and well-written documentation for future maintainability.

Cloud & DevOps

We advise clients on different deployment options, with reference to both optimal performance and cost-efficiency. We are highly experienced in cloud systems (AWS, Azure) for both web apps and data infrastructure.

Data Visualization

We help clients understand their data through use of different charts and visualizations, from simple statistical charts such as barplots, boxplots and line-charts, to more complex network graphs, choropleths and heatmaps.

Databases & Data

We are experts in data analytics and the Python data ecosystem, and help our clients understand the optimal way to store and use their data. We help clients understand the best database solutions for their use-cases, including in high-volume, big-data environments.

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